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You can control what notifications you will receive from us and through which notification channels.

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In your tester Profile Settings - Notifications, you can choose which notifications you would like to receive from us and through which notification channels.

For each notification type, you can select either one of the notification channels or both of them.

Notification Types:

  • Badge received
    You can exchange badges with your fellow testers and Team Leaders from a "Team" tab in every test, or directly from the tester's profile page. Learn more here.

  • Bug status changed
    The bug report status change means that the Team Leader or a customer has reviewed your bug report and left their feedback on it. It could also mean that your bug report has been updated automatically (for example, if you don't respond to a Team Leader or customer request within 24 hours, your bug report is automatically rejected).

  • Chat @mentions
    Testers can now mention/tag Team Leaders, Testers, or CSMs in the chat using the "@" symbol, ensuring that the right person receives your message. This will greatly reduce delays and improve response times.

  • Chat announcement
    TL or CSM can post an update during the running test which is important for testers. This ensures that testers stay well-informed about crucial developments throughout the testing process.

  • Dispute result
    Our bug dispute feature lets you dispute Team Leaders' and customers' decisions if you think that their assessment was incorrect and you can provide valid proof. Learn more here. With this notification type, we will inform you once your dispute request gets reviewed by our team of experienced dispute managers and the final decision about your bug report has been made.

  • High-priority tests

    High-priority tests usually offer a higher payout, a smaller team of testers, or new untested products. That's why we would like to highlight these tests and send you a reminder when such a test starts so you could show your best skills and take full advantage of this opportunity.

  • New Bug Fix Confirmation
    After a customer fixes a bug, they can send a request to confirm if the bug has been fixed or if it is still present. In order to receive this task, you need to fulfill the following requirements: over 50 bugs or 100 reproductions submitted + Quality and Reliability Scores 60 or above. Learn more here.

  • New Bug Report Confirmation
    Bug Report Confirmation is an individual bug action to provide more certainty or extra information about a bug to the customers. When a customer investigates a newly reported bug, they can send a request to confirm and reproduce the bug again – outside of the test cycle.

  • New Opportunity

    If you would like to be the first to learn about new upcoming Opportunities for various projects on our platform, make sure to enable this notification type to stay tuned in!

  • New Reproduction

    Reproductions are a popular task on our platform, so they are taken quickly. With this notification type, we will inform you about all available reproduction invitations for the bugs in your tests that have been approved by the Team Leader.

  • New Single Task
    Single Task can be created by our customer, which you will need to execute by following the given instructions.

  • New bug comment
    Team Leaders and customers can leave comments on your bug reports. Make sure you don't miss any important comments by enabling this notification type.

  • New course

    We are regularly updating our selection of available courses. Passing some of them is required for executing certain tasks on our platform. You can find more information about our current courses in the "Learn" section accessible from the top navigation bar of your tester interface.

  • New improvement suggestion
    Be always notified after a fellow tester suggests you an improvement for a bug which you reported. Learn more about Bug Improvement Suggestions here.

  • New test invitation
    Tests are mini-projects by one of our customers that we will invite you to join to participate in exploratory testing. You can learn more here. Every test has a limited number of participants, which means you need to react fast to reserve a spot in your favorite test.

  • Test summary

    When a customer reviews all forwarded bugs, the test gets archived. This means that you will get paid for all your accepted activities in this test. In this notification, we will inform you about all your activities in the test, their status as well as the overall amount you have earned.

  • Unexecuted User Story reminder

    User Stories are short tasks that you're asked to perform in order to confirm that certain user behaviors are working as expected. Learn more here. With this notification, we will inform you when there are still unexecuted User Stories in the second half of your tests.

Notification Channels

At the moment, we are offering 2 delivery channels for your notifications.


With our in-app notification system, we will send you notifications directly within our platform, so you will never miss any important updates or invitations. You will be able to see when you receive a new notification in the top navigation bar of your tester interface from any page on the platform.

You can access your in-app notifications through the "Notifications" page if you click on the "Notifications" icon in the top navigation bar of your tester interface.

On the "Notifications" page, you can see your in-app notifications and directly access items for more details or in order to take action on them.


You can also choose to receive notifications via E-mail. You will receive notifications to the same E-mail address, with which you registered on our platform.

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