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What do you do if a bug report is rejected?
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One of your reports was rejected or downgraded by the team leader or customer, even though you stuck to the test description and our guidelines? If you consider the team leader’s or customer’s decision to be unjustified, you can dispute the decision within 72 hours if all other requirements are met (see below for more information).

To learn where the dispute feature can be found, check out our article how to submit dispute tickets.


Once you submit a dispute, the report gets locked and the team leader can no longer change their decision or the details of your report.

A member of our experienced dispute staff will make a final decision based on your given information. Dispute managers take all information into consideration including submitted reproductions. Please note that the dispute manager cannot reopen your report and cannot send requests for more information.

The dispute manager’s decision won’t be reviewed again. You can only submit one dispute ticket per report – A second dispute, e.g. for the customer decision after disputing the team leader decision, is unfortunately not possible.

What to include in your dispute message

Consider the following guidelines for a successful dispute:

  • Refer to the rejection reason.

  • Help the dispute manager review your case by providing all important information and by pointing out test instructions.

  • To prove the team leader or customer wrong, provide additional proof. Upload another attachment to a cloud service and share the link in your dispute message.

  • Keep your request as short as possible but as detailed as needed. Longer messages don’t increase your chances of winning the dispute.

  • Don’t cite rejection reasons or whole feature descriptions because it unnecessarily lengthens your dispute message.


The “Open dispute” button won’t be available if you are not allowed to submit a dispute. This may have several reasons:

  • The 72-hour time frame to open a dispute is already over.

  • You are blocked from using the dispute system in the current month.

  • You already submitted one dispute for this report.

  • An automatic bonus is paid to you due to a customer rejection (note that the bonus will arrive after the test gets archived).

Bug Dispute block

On the second of each month at 12 am Berlin time, we calculate how many of the disputes that you submitted in the previous month were accepted. If less than 60% of them got accepted, we will have to block you from using the dispute system for the ongoing month. In that case, you will automatically get unblocked exactly one month later (on the second of the following month at 12 am Berlin time).

The above does only apply if you submitted five disputes or more in the previous month.

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