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In this article, you will learn what User Stories are and how to reserve a User Story execution.

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User Stories are used to explain the expected behaviour of software, usually from the perspective of a user. When it comes to User Story testing, your task will be to confirm whether or not a User Story is working as expected or not.

User Stories have a form of short tasks that you're asked to perform, as for example:

  • A user can add product to the cart.

  • A user can remove items from the cart.

  • When a user enters and applies a valid promo code, the correct discount is applied.

  • A user can login with valid login data.

Executing a User Story will usually not take longer than 5 minutes and you can find them after opening the Feature description under the User Stories section. Please keep in mind that not every test will have User Stories in scope.

User Stories can serve as a testing guideline for how the website/app works and what is important to the customer in the given test.

Please note: you will only be able to execute User Stories in a test if you have successfully passed our "User Story" course that you can find on your tester Dashboard. If you haven't passed the course, you will not see any action buttons for User Story executions in the test.


The number of executions per User Story is limited. You can reserve a User Story execution before completing it. In this case, no other tester can claim this User Story execution. You will have your slot reserved for 30 minutes. The timer on the User Story execution page will show you how much time you have left to finish the execution until your reservation expires.

You can claim up to 3 User Story reservations at a time. 

Once you click on the button 'Start', the User Story is automatically reserved for you and you will have 30 minutes to execute it before it becomes available to other testers again. 

You can resume executing the User Story on the test overview page at any time until the reservation time expires.

A User Stories will have the status 'reserved' when enough testers are working on it. However, if the tester who reserved the User Story execution fails to complete it in time or cancels the execution, it will become available for you again.

If the User Story is in the 'locked' state, it means that all available executions have already been completed by other testers in the test. 

User Stories will have the 'limited' status in case you already have 3 reservations in place and can no longer claim further executions.

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