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What is Bug Fix Confirmation and how to receive this task?

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What is Bug Fix Confirmation? 

After the customer fixes one of the bugs submitted in a test, they can send a request to confirm if the bug has been fixed or if it is still present. It means you will be asked to retest the bug and deliver your feedback directly to the customer, whether it is still present. 

How to unlock a Bug Fix Confirmation task on the platform? 

You will qualify for this additional task once you've passed the Bug Fix Confirmation course, submitted over 50 bugs and 100 reproductions, and your Quality and Reliability Scores are 60 or above.

Where to find a Bug Fix Confirmation task on your tester dashboard?

Once this task becomes available to you, you will see a new menu item for "Available tasks" in your left sidebar. This is where you can find individual tasks like Bug Report Confirmation and Bug Fix Confirmation. You will also see a new section on your dashboard with available Bug Fix Confirmation requests.

How to execute a Bug Fix Confirmation?

Once you see a Bug Fix Confirmation request on your tester dashboard, please click on it to access the request page. 

There, you will have access to the Bug description and the attachment. 

In the right sidebar of this page, you can also see such additional information as the Bug Fix Confirmation payout, metadata and the requested device.

At the bottom of the page, you will see the button 'Start confirmation'. Once you click it, you will reserve this Bug Fix Confirmation for the next 30 minutes, which means no other tester can claim it during the reservation time unless you cancel it.

Once you start executing the Bug Fix Confirmation, you will be presented with the original bug report submitted in a test. Please follow the described steps to reproduce the bug.

Test if the issue is present on the New URL and continue the steps from there.

Once you have done this, please choose one of the following options: 

  • 'Bug is fixed' if the bug is no longer present

  • 'Bug is not fixed' in case the bug still exists

  • 'Can't proceed' in case you are blocked due to technical issues

In the Comment section, you can leave any additional feedback you have for the customer about the Bug Fix Confirmation request you've just executed. This field becomes especially relevant when the Bug Fix confirmation is negative and the issue remains. In this case, please include any pertinent information about this bug -please describe the bug and be precise, only have relevant information about this specific bug from the user's perspective. 

Please select the browser you used on your device, and you can go ahead and upload an attachment showing your execution of the Bug Fix Confirmation request - a screenshot if the issue has been fixed and a screencast if the bug is still present.

Please note that the attachment should adhere to our general attachment rules on the platform.

Clicking the 'Submit' button will forward your report to the customer.

Please note that you cannot edit it afterward, so make sure only to submit it once all your Bug Fix Confirmation fields are filled in correctly and you've uploaded the proper attachment. 

You can also cancel a Bug Fix Confirmation request at the bottom of the page if you cannot execute it. This action will unlock the request for other testers. 

Please remember that your feedback will go directly to the customer, so please document it professionally and according to our general rules on the platform.

Additional requirements

The ❝Additional requirements❞ item reminds testers to follow customer confirmation instructions. This, in turn, leads to improved communication, precise bug confirmation, and heightened customer satisfaction.

When additional requirements are presented, Paying close attention to this field is of utmost importance to ensure that the testing process is thorough and effective.

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