Report Abuse

  • We are a community of testers that work with each other, not against each other.
  • We are a community of testers that respect and acknowledge each other.
  • We are a community of testers that get excited by software testing and its many challenges.

We aim to ensure that our entire community agrees with this and strives to work with fellow testers on a professional and friendly—but also competitive and challenging—level.

To keep our community as friendly, competitive, and professional as possible, we want to give you the opportunity to report any abuse of our healthy work environment so that we may maintain the value we deliver to our customers.

You can report Abuse when another tester:

  • Is behaving badly towards you.
  • Reports a bug she/he forced to happen.
  • Files a placeholder bug.
  • Copies bugs from old test cycles.

Things to add to any Abuse Report:

  • Similar to filing a bug, you also need evidence for the Abuse Report. Simply reporting someone without a context or reason doesn’t help; we need proof. Take a screenshot or even a screencast video, which you can upload to the report.
  • Please copy the tester’s name and add it to the abuse form. We need the exact name, otherwise we might not be able to find the tester.
  • We also need your name so that we can contact you if we have any questions about your case.

Report an Abuse!

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