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Testing Rules

What rules do I have to follow while testing with Test IO?

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In order to maintain a healthy working relationship between you, Team Leaders, and the whole Test IO team, there are a few key rules to follow:


  • Be nice to each other: We all are one big team fighting for the same cause - to make software less buggy. Since most of the communication takes place in the written form, keep in mind that written communication can be easily misunderstood, so please consider what you write and the way you write it.

  • Seeking and providing help: Ask your fellow testers and the Team Leader for help in the test chat if you need any. At the same time, please help out other testers if you can.

  • Reproduce bugs: Only report bugs that you can reproduce. Try reproducing your fellow testers' bugs as well (you get paid and earn ranking points for this).

  • Read the instructions: Feature descriptions and test instructions contain a lot of important information.

  • Find the root cause: Think about the underlying root cause of the issue. Try to understand the customer's product. We love smart and thinking testers. They are way more likely to be invited to special tests.


  • Don't submit 'Placeholder bug reports': Only submit complete bug reports. When you submit your report, it must already be in the state that meets our quality requirements and contain all the relevant information. You are allowed to add non-required, additional details to your report after your submission.

  • Don't copy or use attachments from other bug reports or previous tests in any way.

  • Don't use emulators: Only physical devices may be used for testing with us.

  • Don't use email addresses you don’t have access to. You might sign up people for newsletters or accounts that they don’t want to receive.

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