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In the latest product update on our platform, we bring you the Payout Overview section on the Billing and Activities page. What does this mean? From now on, you will be able to immediately see your earnings on the platform as soon as Team Leader and/or Customer decide.

Billing page

After you open a Billing page (by clicking on the Bill icon in the Top navigation on the Tester interface), you will be able to see all pending items for payout with the information: Type of the activity, Activity ID, Test Cycle, Payout status, and Payout amount. Besides this, at the top of the page, you will be able to see the total pending amount and a button "Cirro" which will redirect you to the Cirro page.

Activity page

When you access the Activity dashboard and open some Activity type, you will see two extra columns for Payout amount and Payout status in the list. Additionally, for the Bug activity, you will see and MA (Manager approved), CA (Customer accepted) and Bonus in the Payout column.

Payout status

In the Payout status column on the Billing or Activity pages, you will see two types of payout status: pending and Transferred to Cirro. The pending status will be shown while the test is running or locked, while the Transferred to Cirro will be shown as soon as the test is achieved.

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