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Dispute Payout

How much is the dispute payout and how is it paid?

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When you submit a dispute ticket (as explained here), you will want to know what conditions apply to get paid and how much money you make with it.

First, you have to wait for the dispute staff to make the final decision. To check the current status of your dispute ticket, open the bug report that you submitted it for.


The payout depends on the decision and the point in time when it is made. Here is how the mechanics work:

  • If your dispute gets rejected, you don't receive any dispute payout.

  • If your dispute gets accepted and the test is still running or locked, the bug report status or severity will change and the review will be continued like for any other report.

  • If your dispute gets accepted and the test has already been archived, any dispute payout you get will be sent as a bonus.

  • If you already received a payout for your bug report, e.g. it was accepted with a lower severity before the dispute was handled, you will only receive a bonus for the missing payout difference.

  • Dispute bonuses are paid like any other bonuses – read here for more information.

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