Bonus Payout

What is a bonus payout?

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When do you receive bonuses?

Customer accepted bugs get the customer bonus payout which is 10% of the bug base payout.


  • Customer rejected and auto-accepted bugs do not receive the customer bonus payout.

  • Customer decisions cannot be disputed.

  • If the customer changes the bug severity, the payout is calculated based on the Team Leader's set severity (both for the base payout and the customer bonus).

  • Reproductions for TL-approved bugs are paid based on the base payout (TL approval). Customer bonuses aren't included in the calculation of the reproduction payout.

  • Only actively accepted bugs receive customer payout.

How are bonuses paid? 

When you receive a bonus payment on our platform, the payment procedure is the same as with regular bug payouts: The bonus will be included in the invoice of the month, in which your bonus is credited to your account. Examples:

  • The customer accepts one of your bug reports in February, the bonus is added to your February bill, which can be requested between March 11 and March 19 and will then be paid until the end of March.

  • You receive a dispute bonus in November for a bug report that you submitted in October. The bonus will still be added to your November bill because it was credited in November.

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