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testNow is Test IO's mobile app that allows you to test on the go and submit your testing results in a convenient way.

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testNow is Test IO's app for crowd testers. It allows you to test the latest apps, websites, and games on the go. testNow is available both for iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

With testNow, you can earn money by:

  • participating in our Exploratory and Test Case tests

  • reporting the bugs you find during testing

  • reproducing the bugs submitted by other testers

  • confirming bug fixes of previously submitted bugs

Main App Features include:


  • Explore available tests - join or reject

  • Explore our multilingual tests

  • Get access to specialized testing campaigns

  • Start, stop & extend test sessions 

  • Submit activity sessions

  • View and execute User Stories


  • Submit bugs through our AI-powered bug submission form

  • Submit Custom Reports through the 3rd party extensions

  • Edit & delete your bug reports

  • View & post bug comments

  • Submit disputes for your bugs

  • Reproduce bugs of other testers

  • Confirm bug fixes and bug reports


  • Complete Onboarding Courses and unlock testing opportunities 


  • Get an overview of your ongoing tasks and requests

  • View your activity history

  • Keep track of your submitted issues in locked tests

  • Keep track of your testing scores

  • Get access to your billing details for all "Pending" activities and earnings

  • Check your payout information for each activity type available in the app

  • Stay connected and updated with our smart push notification system

  • Manage email and push notifications from Test IO platform


  • Communicate with other testers in a test chat

  • Give badges to test members & view all your badges

  • View team and global ranking

  • Monitor your progress in-test ranking

  • Refer friends, earn points & redeem them for rewards

  • Contact Test IO Support Team for help


  • Pause push notifications for default or custom periods of time

  • Smart filtering, sorting & search functionalities

  • Seamless navigation between the Test IO web version and the mobile app

  • Connect your current device to the app

  • Sign in via QR code

App Navigation

At the moment, the app has 4 main navigational sections:

Explore Section

Here you can find an overview of all your available test invitations and tasks.

In the "Test Invitations" tab, you can see an overview of all your available test invitations and directly accept and reject invitations through a swipe. If you tap on the invitation card, you will see the test overview screen with detailed information about the test.

Both types of tests are now available in the app. You can participate in Exploratory Tests including User Story testing and also in Test Case Tests.

In the "Available Tasks" tab, you will find Reproduction, Bug Report Confirmation, and (External) Bug Fix Confirmation invitations that you can claim by accessing the detail screen and tapping on the "Start" button.

Dashboard Section

This is an overview of all your current and past activities.

In the "Current activity" tab, you can find an overview of all your ongoing tasks and activities:

  • If you have an ongoing task session, (e.g. Test Session, Bug Fix Confirmation session, etc.), you will see this task card with the remaining time indicator at the top of the screen.

  • If you have any accepted test invitations, you will be able to access them through the middle section of the dashboard.

  • You can access both running and locked accepted test invitations.

  • In the bottom section of the dashboard, you will see all unviewed bug report comments and information requests from customers and Team Leaders with the expiration time indicator.
    Reminder: if you don't answer an information request for your bug within 24 hours, it will be automatically rejected and therefore not paid.

In the "Activity history" tab, you can access your activity history and monitor your progress over time.

Specialized testers can access their Active Campaigns and all activities (supported by testNow) that are part of these campaigns using their mobile devices. We additionally highlight when the campaign is pending actions from the testers' side. We also indicate which test invitations belong to an active campaign and which come from regular customers.

Learn Section

Here you can access our Academy and two initial onboarding courses: Exploratory Testing and Bug Reproductions. After completing each of them individually, you will already start receiving invites for real-world customer cycles, but if you want to work on both tasks, you will need to pass both courses. After completing them, you’ll have passed the Onboarding phase and will start the Greenhorn phase.

In the Bug Reproductions course, you will learn everything you need to know about the Reproduction feature on our platform and how you will get paid. This module is split into two parts: a workshop covering 3 main topics and a short quiz to test your knowledge.

In the Exploratory Testing course, you will learn what it means - to test websites and mobile apps in an exploratory way and how to properly document your findings. You will also learn what rules and requirements need to be followed when you document your findings.

Me Section

Here you can find your profile information and the platform's global ranking, and also manage Test IO notification preferences.

In the "Profile" tab the following information is available:

  • Amount pending payout. You can navigate to the ist of activities with payout amounts and submission dates in the pending status (before they go to Cirro for payment). Besides more detailed payout information is now available for any activity submitted by you and supported by the testNow app.

  • Notification Settings. Manage your email and push notification preferences directly from their mobile app. Any changes made will be synchronized across all your devices and Test IO platform. Additionally, you have the option to temporarily pause push notifications for a predefined or custom period, without globally changing notification settings. Furthermore, testNow push notifications now have a custom sound and can be easily differentiated from other apps

  • Help and Support. Here you can find an answer to your questions or contact Test IO support team for help. Our support team will usually answer your request within 24 hours.

  • All your badges. You can also give badges to fellow testers and Team Leaders within tests that you are part of.

  • Referral. You can refer friends by sharing your personal link with them, earn referral points, and exchange them for rewards using our mobile app. You can also track how many points you have earned already and your friends' journey on the platform.

As we are constantly updating our mobile apps testNow, improving the app performance, fixing bugs, and adding more and more features, we recommend enabling an automatic app update.

We appreciate your interest in our app and your feedback is important to us! Do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] to let us know how we are doing. Or if you face any problem or would like our help with any issue, please let us know.

What's next? 🤫

In the upcoming releases, we will introduce Deep Linking for Push Notifications meaning that each push notification is going to have a path which wich leads users to a specific page in the app.

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