Tester Interface Overview

What does the tester interface have to offer?

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Your Dashboard 

After logging in, you will see the dashboard. Here, you can find current tests that you accepted in the left navigation. In the middle of the page, tests that you have been invited to are displayed and other news about bug reports you previously submitted: unread information requests and comments from team leaders and customers, bug report rejections, and dispute decisions.

In the header, you will find icons that redirect you to your referral page, our academy, the test archive, your added devices, your bills, and profile & account section:

Your Profile & Account 

You can get to the account settings via the circular profile icon in the header of the tester dashboard. Here you can change your data and your password along with other profile information. There are two more tabs at the top of the page where you can add your payout information and change general settings about your account. Please don’t forget to complete the payout data section, otherwise we are unable to pay you.

Test Overview Page

Once you accept a test invitation, you can take a look at the test's details. You can see the features that are in scope, additional instructions, the payment, and other the test details. The test environment will only become visible and accessible for you once the test started in order to avoid pre-testing.

In the top corner, you can see how much time remains before the test begins or ends. Under the tab "Bugs" towards the top, you can access a list of bug reports that have already been submitted in this test. Use this view to avoid submitting duplicates and to learn from other testers.

In the individual index-tabs, you can see what kind of bug reports are already submitted. Here you can filter the bug reports in categories and see your own bug reports in order to check the status.


You can easily add your available devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, smartTVs, streaming devices, or wearables to your tester profile. If you want to add a device that is not listed, send us a request via the support chat. Ensure that you always keep your device list update-to-date, so that you are invited to the right tests.

Note: only test with real devices and official OS versions.

  • no emulators

  • no virtual devices or VMs

  • no rooted devices

Want to know which devices and environments are most relevant for our customers? Visit our article about devices.

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