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Let me introduce: Project coordinator Vitalii
Let me introduce: Project coordinator Vitalii

Interview with Project coordinator Vitalii

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Project coordinator Vitalii

Hello! Please, tell us about yourself.

My name is Vitalii. I live in a lovely city called Vinnitsya, Ukraine. I was supposed to be a teacher of German Language & Literature at university, but luckily I'm not. I've been working as a project manager for 4 years now. Previously I was working for a German IT company, which maintained several projects. As for now it's already 1,5 years as I'm a part of EPAM & Test IO family.

Whenever I have some free time I do my best to spend it with my friends and my beloved. Talking about hobbies, one mentions sport and I'm not an exception: I have different training sessions during the week, it's a splendid way to let off steam. I visit football, volleyball & gym training. I like to cook as well. I'm not sure what my favorite food is, but I adore Italian cuisine - it's not that hard to cook & it's really tasty.

If you ask me about movies/shows to watch or books to read I'll try to learn what you generally like. But talking without context I'd say movies of D. Lynch are must-have and I adore Better Call Saul tv show. As mentioned before I studied literature and I just love to read - I always have a book with me in my backpack. It's hard for me to tell what's my favorite book, but there are a couple of writers I really like: J. Steinbeck, E. Hemingway, H. Böll, G. Marquez, J. Cortazar, J. Joyce, G. Orwell, K. Vonnegut and many others.

I like brewing coffee and drinking good beer.

Please tell us in detail about your work as a project manager. What are your daily tasks?

It would take a while for me to describe what I do, so I'll try to keep this part of the story as short as possible. First of all I check a pile of emails which I've got over the night or during the weekend to see whether there's some urgent task to do. I do the same thing with different messengers - Slack, Teams, etc. I have lots of meetings during the day, and different project-related tasks. My job consists mostly of communication with client/team, preparing documentation, monitoring the development process, risks mitigation, etc.

Are you working on any new projects now? If yes, then what exactly?

Yes, there are a couple of new thing, but I'm not sure I can share it now.

How do you envision your ideal day?

My ideal day would be lying on the shore and chilling.

What was the most beautiful place you have ever visited?

Carpathian, Crimea, Berlin, Baltic coast on Fehmarn Island, Vienna.

Which country inspired you the most?

Ukraine inspires me the most, each day I understand more and more that Ukrainians are unbreakable.

If given the opportunity, which language would you learn and why?

I guess, I'd like to learn a couple of them: Spanish, French, Italian.

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