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Let me introduce: Staffing Coordinator Ramil
Let me introduce: Staffing Coordinator Ramil

Interview with Staffing Coordinator Ramil

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Staffing Coordinator Ramil

Hello, Ramil. Please tell us about yourself

My name is Ramil Milzidinov, I'm from Ukraine and currently living in Kyiv. I got master degree in Physics Optics in Kharkiv National University of Karazin. Last 13+ years I'm working in technologies, started my carrier as QA engineer and last few years I was interested in manager role so currently I'm trying myself on Staffing Coordinator.

Before technologies carrier I was a professional sportsman in Ukraine National fencing sabre team.

Most of my hobbies related to art/creation. I like to create different things that is why I draw, sculpt and sewing. Few years ago, I started my streetwear brand and currently working on the new one. Also, I like activities like running, cycling, rollerblading and more others.

Japanese culture occupies special place in my heart. It's about mythology, fashion, art and lifestyle overall. I'm even making full bodysuit tattoo in Japanese style for last 12+ years, about 70% is done already.

Also, I'm interested in film and digital photography, for couple years I was working as a photographer for different publishing houses and magazines in USA and Ukraine. Currently this is just my hobby so I'm posting photos to my Instagram.

Please tell us about your work as a Staffing Coordinator. What are your daily tasks? What difficulties do you face?

Staffing Coordinator role is something new for me so I'm really happy with opportunity to try and learn new things.

As a Staffing Coordinator I'm coordinating the supply and demand of testers for Test IO customers, owning staffing process and optimizing it. It's kind creative tasks which also applies a lot of my knowledge in technologies sphere.

What app do you use the most on your phone?

Except of work related apps like Calendar, Mail and others on my phone I'm using social app like Instagram and Facebook, also some creativity apps like Lightroom and Pinterest. And of course, some apps for activity tracking like Garmin Connect, Strava and so on.

What would you like to learn in the future?

In addition to getting knowledge in my new work role, I want to finish a course in designing complex clothes with complex avantgarde shapes in future as my interests in clothing design are expanding.

What do you dislike doing?

Probably mostly I dislike to do nothing and to procrastinate that is why I'm finding happiness in learning, thinking, planning and creating.

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