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Let me introduce: Team Leader Ilse
Let me introduce: Team Leader Ilse

Interview with Team Leader Ilse

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Team Leader Ilse

Hello, Ilse. Please tell us how you got on Test IO and about your career here.

It was in 2016, I was working in a full-time as a QA in a company from Mexico and I was looking for jobs as a freelance to get extra earn and improve my skills as a QA. In 2018 I had the opportunity to apply as a Team Leader.

What advice would you give to testers to improve their work?

Practice, practice and practice. I remember when I started my career as a QA tester I have no mentor to help me so I needed to learn to read blogs, books, watch videos, visit many websites, join many testing communities and ask developers. My recommendation is to learn the tech vocabulary if you don't have tech experience, basic code to understand (you could have a different vision to know how the basic functionality could be implemented), don't try to overwhelm and if you have questions, ask them. There is no stupid question.

What challenges do you face in your work as a Team Leader? What inspires you?

Each customer has different features, UX in their system; before making a decision I'm always putting on the tester's and customer's shoes, and I read the instructions, reproduce and analyse the bug deeply. The key is communication. My inspiration is to share the knowledge with the community and feel the testers are grateful when I share the information and give them some tips to improve their skills.

And the traditional question: how do you spend your free time? What are your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy everything about the nature: walking, hiking, running, riding the bicycle, traveling, trying different type of food and spending time with my husband and my dog.

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