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Let me introduce: Team Leader Andre
Let me introduce: Team Leader Andre

Interview with Team Leader Andre

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Written by Irina Lebedzeva
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Team Leader Andre

Hello, Andre. You have been amongst the very first TLs, going back to the days when we were still called TestCloud. What is the biggest difference comparing then & now?

The biggest difference is the platform itself. It is more modern and structured now. So some obvious features we are now using all day have not yet been implemented - for example the test cycle chat. Also the bug form changed, in the beginning the main part of the bug form only was one free text field, where you had to provide all the information. And of course, last but not least, the tester community has become bigger and the communication improved, also thanks to the Community Manager.

Can you remember the most impressive bug you experienced so far?

An interesting bug I remember was on a social media site. From time to time for users of the platform images from other users appeared - also very personal photos that you don't want to be seen by others without your knowledge. Because of the strict data privacy policies and the disclosure of private files this of course never should have happened.

What advice would you give testers that are new to Test IO?

Look in the academy and get familiar with the basics of the platform and how a bug report should look like. But then start testing right away and preferably cast an eye at the bug reports of other testers - you also can learn from them. Especially when you are completely new to crowd testing it can be tricky. Maybe you will get some more requests or even rejections, but when you are dedicated you will learn quickly how it works and then testing will be fun. When I was new to crowd testing I got more rejections too and wasn't 100% sure about everything. Back then I got some more help and instructions by the team leaders - by the way, in my starting time as tester there wasn't any academy.

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