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Let me introduce: Team Leader Estevao
Let me introduce: Team Leader Estevao

Interview with Team Leader Estevao

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Team Leader Estevao

Hello, Estevao. I know that you started your career at Test IO as a tester first. Could you please tell us about your days as a tester and how being a team leader is different compared to being a tester?

I had been working as a QA tester for a couple of years already before joining Test IO as a tester. The platform was very intuitive, the support team was very helpful and very quick to answer every question I had, and the Community has always been great here. After some months I became a TL and started to see crowd-testing in a completely different way. We have the responsibility to pass good reports to the customers, but we also need to understand the testers' struggles and find a way to make everyone happy. It's challenging but it's also very rewarding.

And what do you usually do for fun in your spare time?

- I like to play a Brazilian sport called Peteca and football. I also play the guitar and I enjoy playing games, even though I haven't found a good one in a couple of years. Travelling is one thing that I do enjoy but haven't done much in the past couple of years. I'm planning on visiting at least one different country per year from now on.

What is important for you when you evaluate bug reports?

I always try to stick to the academy rules. Bug titles should be short but describe what the issue is, steps should be clear and straightforward, and the screencast/screenshot should show all the relevant steps to reproduce the bug. I have seen some testers doing a great job using Markdown to format the bug report in a more professional way.

How do you think the cooperation between team leaders and testers could be improved?

I believe Discord is a great tool for that. It's easier to interact here than within the platform.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Test IO changed my life since the first day I joined as a tester, I learned a lot from so many people. I'm really thankful to be a part of this company and I hope we can keep this Community united for many years from now.

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