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Let me introduce: Team Leader Khoa Bui
Let me introduce: Team Leader Khoa Bui

Interview with Team Leader Khoa Bui

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Team Leader Khoa Bui

How did your career as a TL start with Test IO?

After my graduation, I started my career as a full-time offshore test leader for McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management Project from Intel in 2010. Starting from May 2015, I moved to another company for Aussie Home Loans project. During that time, I was also working as a freelance tester for some popular Crowd Testing platforms until I and Test IO get together.

We have quite a big Vietnamese Community. Why do you think Test IO is so popular in Vietnam?

"Invite someone & earn money" is good for Test IO to be so popular in Vietnam. We, testers, are glad to tell some of our colleagues or friends that we are a part of an oversea Crowd Testing company like Test IO. Nowadays, more and more international IT companies come to VN, this provides Vietnamese testers with the chance to improve their testing skill, domain knowledge, international working culture, and even their foreign languages especially English. Most of skilful and experienced testers are tired of being prisoners of their 8-hour full time job, they want to be free to do what they want and to be where they like. Luckily, they can work when, where, and how they want with Test IO. Additionally, Test IO is on the way of development and consolidation, there is no place that is as good as Test IO for Vietnamese tester to join and gain achievements and income!

How do you think we could improve our cooperation with the Vietnamese Community?

Ideally, a part of team should be someone who can speak Vietnamese and can understand Vietnamese working style. On the other hand, recurring discussions in TLs community also help them know the ropes in cooperation with the tester Community, especially the Vietnamese Community. Last but not least, I hope someday Test IO events can happen in Vietnam, this makes Vietnamese Community feel like they are really a part of family.

Could you tell us what life in Vietnam is like and what is your favourite part about your culture?

Generally, life in Vietnam is quite rush in big cities and more calm in rural areas. Our streets are full of motorbikes and cars. Family is the basis of Vietnamese life, and it is very common for three generations or even four to live in one home. A big number of young people support feminist movements, LGBT community, etc. You might be fascinated by our Vietnamese cuisine, hospitality, beautiful places and everything in Vietnam. One more thing, the night life can show you a party on just about any night of the week. About Vietnamese culture, my favourite part is the reverence held for elders.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Honestly, reproducing an issue of other testers are the most favourite part of my job because there are a lot of challenges in this task. Test IO has thousands of testers with different platforms (devices/OS) and amazing mindsets. A new bug along and its wonderful scenario bring me new ideas and knowledge sometimes. As a result, my skills improve day by day. After all, bug reviewing is an art and me, a TL, is also an artist.

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