When you submit a reproduction (as explained here), you will want to know what conditions apply to get paid and how much money you make with it.


  • 10% of the original bug report payout per reproduction (max 0.50 €)

  • A reproduction is only paid if it gets accepted, and if the bug report gets approved by the team leader and accepted by the customer.

Exception: If the bug report is rejected by the customer for one of the following reasons, the reproduction is still paid:

  • This is a legit bug but already known.

  • This bug is not relevant to the customer and will not be fixed.

  • This bug is legitimate, however it is technically not possible to fix this bug.

  • This bug only occurs in the testing environment and not in the live system.

The payout for your reproduction will be displayed to you once the original bug report gets accepted by the customer.

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