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Reproduction Feature

How to find the reproduction feature on our interface

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For more information on reproductions, visit our main article Bug reproductions.

There are four ways to find the reproduction feature:

  • On your dashboard: Here you will find reproduction requests if you are currently participating in one or more tests where bugs can be reproduced. These requests are for reports that have already been approved by the TL.

  • In bug reports: When you open another tester's bug report and if you are allowed to reproduce that bug, you will see a button called "Start Reproduction".

  • In the similar bug reports list: If you are creating a bug report and the bug is displayed in the similar bug reports section on the right hand side, it means it has already been reported. Click on the reproduction button next to it and stop filing your report.

  • In Bugs list: After you open a Bug list in Test Cycle you will see a "Reproductions available" toggle switch. If you have activated this filter as in the screenshot below, you will see only bugs that have open slots for reproduction.

How to submit a reproduction

After opening a reproduction form, you first have to state if you can reproduce a bug or not, then select the environment that you used to reproduce the report, and upload your evidence. To submit the reproduction, click on the button "Create reproduction".

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