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We proudly announce the probably biggest change of this year! 💯 We released a major update to how you earn payouts as a tester 🎉

In short, you get the bug payout if the TL approves your bug! Plus, you get a 10% customer bonus if the customer accepts your bug!

Below, you find a detailed explanation of the changes and an FAQ section at the end.


We hear you! We received lots of feedback on how we process bugs and how it is difficult to earn money when customers reject bugs and you have to use the dispute system to get compensated. We also realize that customer rejections can be frustrating when they are not comprehensible, while denying payout.

How does the payout system change?

Starting today, when the TL of your test approves your bug, you will receive the full bug payout 👏 (once the test is archived)

A rejection by the customer does no longer lead to zero payout and you don't have to use our dispute system to eventually get compensated 💪

But that's not all! When the customer actively accepts your TL-approved bug, you will earn a 10% customer bonus🎉 So, looking for bugs that are valuable and relevant to our customers pays off!

ℹ️ The customer bonus payout is always just an extra. You cannot count on it. Whether a customer accepts a bug is their own decision. Therefore, customer decisions can no longer be disputed.

Other changes

From now on, Bug reproductions will also be paid based if the TL approved the relevant bug report 🎉

When we archive a test, any bug that was not actively accepted or rejected by the customer, will from now on be 'Archived' by Test IO. Such bugs are not eligible for customer bonus payouts.

Payout Example

Let's imagine the bug payout for a critical functional bug in your test is 10.00 Euros.

  • When the TL approves your bug, you will earn the bug payout of 10.00 Euros.

  • When the customer accepts your forwarded bug, you will receive the 10% customer bonus, so 11.00 Euros in total.

  • When the customer rejects your forwarded bug, you still receive the 10.00 Euros bug payout.

  • If you are a Great Tester, you earn an additional 10% (11.00 Euros for a TL-approved bug, and 12.10 Euros for a customer-accepted bug).

❗The payout system is part of the core of Test IO. With such deep-rooted changes, despite all the testing we do on staging before the release, you may experience temporary inconveniences. This goes especially for running tests within the next hour as we migrate data.

If you experience any bugs after the release, please let us know immediately, so we can fix them. Thanks for your understanding!


How is the payout calculated for tests that started before the release?

The new payout system is also applied to tests that are currently running or have already ended, but are not archived yet ('locked').

I can see that my bug was approved by the TL, but I have not received any bug payout yet?

The payout is calculated when we archive the test. If the test is still running or locked, please wait for the archival of the test.

My bug was already approved by the TL previously, but now they rejected it. Why?

During a test, the status of your bug may change because The TL may change their decision. Bug payouts are calculated when we archive the test, so the status of your bug at this point determines your bug payout.

What is the payout if a customer changes the severity of my bug?

You receive the bug payout based on the severity that the TL agreed to. A severity change by the customer does not change the payout.

Why can I not submit a dispute after the customer rejected my bug?

Don't worry, you will receive the bug payout even though the customer rejected your bug. The TL decision is now the crucial factor for the bug payout. A dispute is no longer necessary.

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