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What are paid activity sessions and how can you submit them successfully?

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In some special exploratory tests you have the opportunity to earn an additional bonus for your active testing time, while you still earn money for individual bug reports, reproductions, etc. These tests are marked with a hint card in the "Terms of this test" section on the test page.

To earn this extra money your Test Sessions need to be long enough and we ask you for additional proof, when you end a Session, making it an Activity Session. The extra information you need to provide is:

  • Devices or browsers you have used for testing during your Test Session

  • Comment describing your testing activity (what was your approach?, what tasks did you do? which features did you test? etc.)

  • Screenshot or short screencast showing the tested environment and correct date

Important! Make sure you end all your Activity Test Sessions actively, by pressing the 'Stop Test Session Button' and providing all required information. Only then can we count your testing time for the bonus.

The minimum active time and bonus amount can be seen in the payout table of the test cycle.

Please start your Test Sessions as you are used to: press the red record button at the top right of the Test Overview page and indicate the time you are going to spend testing.

When Paid Activity Sessions are active you will notice the option to name all devices or browsers you are planning to test with. You can choose them now or later, when you end your Session.

As in every Test Session you can extend your Session by pressing the "Extend Test Session" button and choose more time to test. For Paid Activity Sessions you can update your device information here as well.

Important: when you are done testing, it is very important that you actively stop your Test Session. Please press the 'Stop Test Session' button and fill in all the required information.

Mark all the devices you used for testing during this Session. Depending on the test type you can chose the browser or the whole device. Make sure at least one is chosen.

In the field 'What and how did you test?' please provide any useful information about your testing activity. Here is a number of questions that can help you write a useful comment:

  • What approach did use to find new bugs?

  • Did you test all features or were you selective, and why?

  • Did you execute any particular tasks?

  • Which of the following activities did you focus on: bug reporting, Reproduction submissions, User Story executions, and why?

Please use the 'Add Attachment' button to upload one or more attachments created during your Test Session that show you were active on the right environment. You can upload screenshots or screencasts. Please keep your recordings short. You should not make a recording of your whole Test Session.

Similar attachment rules apply as for Bug Report Attachments.

  • New attachments have to be created for each Activity Session.

  • The maximum file size for attachments is 25 MB.

  • The maximum time for a screencast is 60 seconds.

  • For website tests, the URL field must be visible on attachments.

  • The current date must be visible on attachments.

  • The date can be in any common date format, e.g. DD/MM or MM/DD.

  • The resolution must be high enough, so that the text and elements can be easily identified.

  • The recorded section of the screen has to be large enough for orientation purposes.

  • All relevant information must be displayed in English (or optional German if the bug report language is German)

After you fill out all the required fields, please press the button 'Submit activity session' to successfully end your proven Activity Session.

If you don't want to provide the extra information, you can press the button 'End without proof' and end your session as a regular Test Session. When you do this, this Test Session time does not count for the bonus.

To receive the bonus the overall time of all your proven Activity Sessions all together needs to be longer than the needed minimum time. This means you can test in 1 long Session or multiple short Sessions. Just make sure you actively end each of the Sessions with all the required and fitting information.

Each tester can receive the bonus only 1 time in each test.

The bonus will be credited to your account, when the test is archived.


  • Paid Activity Sessions are only available in some exploratory tests.

  • You can prove your testing activity by adding a comment, short attachment and device information to the end of each Test Session.

  • The general process to start, extend and end a Test Session stays the same.

  • For long enough activity of all your proven Activity Sessions combined, you will receive a bonus.

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