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Tester Profile

What's the tester profile all about and how does it work?

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We asked what you, our community, wanted to see being introduced to Test IO in order to improve your experience. Consequently, we are very excited to announce one of the most requested features. Our new tester profile page allows you to view key metrics related to your testing with us, as well as to review your progress in comparison with other members of the community.

In order to view all details on your tester profile page, you need to meet a number of criteria (listed below) relating to your activity in the last 90 days. We want to keep your profile relevant and allow you to see your improvement in real-time, which is why we decided to calculate your scores based on the last 90 days.

  • You must have accepted at least 5 test invitations

  • You must have submitted at least 10 bug reports or 40 reproductions

Your testing contributions will only be considered in this calculation once the test is fully finalized. This can take up to 10 days after the end of the test depending on the customer activity level.

Now that you have access to all this new information, you need to understand what it really means and what you can do to change it. There are two different scores that create the basis for the page, the quality score and the reliability score.

Quality score

To assess your performance, one of the two major key performance indicators is your quality score. How it is composed and how to improve it is described in our separate article.

Reliability score

The other key performance indicator is your reliability score. Read more about it here
to learn what information we take into consideration and how you can increase the score.

Activity Tracker

In order to help you work as efficiently as possible, you will now easily be able to see when you are most active in terms of the bug reports and reproductions you submit. The activity tracker works on a color scale, with darker shades of blue reflecting days with higher activity. When you select any day from the calendar view, you can see your total number of contributions on that day.

Our customers want to say thank you

We are also introducing more options for our customers to tell you how much they appreciate your work. You will see two new numbers on the tester profile – the number of 5 starred tests and the number of liked bug reports. This data relates to your entire career with Test IO and is not limited to the last 90 days.

  • Liked bug reports are exactly as they sound, bug reports which the customer particularly liked. It might be that you found a really hidden bug, uncovered a major issue, or simply provided a really good bug report. Whichever is true, they just wanted to let you know how great your bug report is.

  • 5 starred test ratings are tests where customers have rated the overall test 5 stars. This is really a tester team score, but it will allow you to see how often you contribute as an active team member in a 5-star test.

Further metrics

You will also find a couple of lifetime metrics on your tester profile displaying the number of approved bug reports you have submitted, as well as the total number of tests you have contributed to. We plan to add a number of other metrics to this section over time to give you the best possible overview of your valuable work.

Summing up

This is only our first version of the tester profile and we already have a number of ideas of what we can enhance; however, as ever it is your feedback we value the most. Let us know what you would like to see, what you don’t like or just what you think of your shiny new tester profile.

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