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What is Tester Ranking on the test IO platform and how to climb on top?

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By introducing the brand-new Ranking system, we want to reward your activity along with your quality and precision.

Our Ranking is point-based, which means the more active you are, the higher chances you'll have to be on the top!

How does it work?

You will receive points for performing certain actions on the platform, e.g. submitting bug reports/reproductions/User Stories/Bug Fix Confirmations, receiving a TL bug approval or customer acceptance, getting your bug liked, etc. You can also lose points for performing unwanted actions, like leaving a request unanswered, receiving a TL bug or User Story reject, etc. These are only a selection from the actions we track for your Ranking. More actions will be added to this list over time.

The number of given/subtracted points will differ and will depend on the type of activity.

Ranking Seasons

In order to keep it fair for all testers, new-bees, and long-time testing champions alike, our Ranking is run in Seasons. This means that at the beginning of each Season, all ranks are set back to 0 and everyone can climb to the top under equal conditions! Throughout the Ranking Season, you will collect points and climb up the Global Leader board. At the end of each Season, we will celebrate the winners. At the same time, at the beginning of the new Season, everyone will have equal chances to win the next Season, no matter how long you've been part of our testing Community - anyone can be on the top as long as you are active and provide high-quality results!

There will be 6 Ranking Seasons per year, so this means that one Ranking Season will last for 2 months.

Where can you see your rank?

You can find the Ranking page in your tester profile - on top of your left navigation bar (right beneath your profile image).

On the Ranking page, you will see 2 tabs: First is the "Level" ranking, and second "Global" ranking.

Level ranking

In the Level ranking, you will find 2 sections, one is 'Your Rank' at the current Tester Level where you can see your position with 2 testers above and below your, and the second is 'Level' ranking, where you can see whole Level ranking.

Global Ranking

In the 'Your Rank' section you can find your own rank among all active Community members as well as compare your points with the 2 testers above and below you in the Global Ranking. This way, you can compare your progress with the Community members who are the closest to you in their activity and performance levels.

In the 'Global top ranking' section you will find the top 100 testers from the entire testing Community with the highest ranks. This is where we celebrate our top performers and make sure they receive the recognition they deserve!

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