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How do I report abusive behavior of other testers?

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We aim to ensure that our entire community agrees with the following statements and strives to work with fellow testers on a professional and friendly, but also competitive and challenging, level:

  • We are a community of testers that works with each other, not against each other.

  • We are a community of testers that respects and acknowledges each other.

  • We are a community of testers that gets excited by software testing and its many challenges.

99% of the times this works well. However, there might be cases where someone does not play by the rules.

You can report abuse when another tester:

  • behaves badly towards you

  • reports a bug he/she forced to happen

  • files a placeholder bug report

  • copies bugs from other testers

  • pre-testing

Things to add to any abuse report:

  • We need evidence of the behavior. Please take a screenshot or a screencast and upload it in the abuse form.

  • Include the exact screen name of the other tester in the abuse form.

  • We also need your name so that we can contact you if we have any questions about your case.

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