Tester Interface

Your Dashboard
After logging in you will view the Dashboard, here you can see current test cycles that you have accepted (left),  invited test cycles that you may be interested in and any unanswered questions regarding bugs you have submitted in the past.

You can edit your data and contact information via the profile symbol (top right). Ensure you always keep your device list updated so that you are invited to the right tests.

Your Profile & Account
You will get to the account settings via the profile symbol. Here you can change your data and your password among other actions. There are two index-tabs (along the top) you can use to update your devices, enter new devices and add your payment information. Please don’t forget to complete this section or we will be unable to pay you.

TestCycle Overview
When you have accepted a test cycle invitation you can take a look at the test before it starts. You can see the features, the instructions, the payment and the test details.  Sometimes some information such as access data is only available once the test has started in order to avoid pre-testing.

In the top corner, you can see how much time remains before it begins/finishes. Under the index tab (top menu)‚Bugs’ you can see bugs that have already been submitted, use this to try and avoid submitting duplicates.
In the individual index-tabs, you can see what kind of bugs are already submitted. Here you can filter the bugs in categories and see your own bugs in order to see the status.

You can easily provide your available devices like smartphones, tablets or the browsers of your computer or laptop in your tester profile. If you want to add a device that is not listed, give us a request via LINK.

Only test with real devices and official OS versions.
– no root
– no virtual devices / OS
– no emulators

Have fun with your new account.