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AI Suggestion in the Bug Report
AI Suggestion in the Bug Report
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Tester Onboarding is a crucial part of your journey at Test IO. For Test IO, it is essential to have the best user experience for you, where you can get personalized feedback generated by AI very quickly and have the ability to improve your bug report, before submitting it for a final review to our Onboarding Managers.

How it works?

After you proceed to the Bug Reports module, and open any of the module tasks (Functional Bug Reports or Visual & Content Bug Reports), on the right side next to the bug report form, you can see the AI Suggestion section.

To submit the Bug Report you will need to Accept and generate feedback by AI at first to unlock the Submit button. Also, keep in mind that you need to enter at least 45 words (for the first submission) to unlock the "Accept and generate feedback" button.
If you submit a report, and it gets rejected by the Onboarding Manager, please improve the report based on the feedback from the Onboarding Manager, and then use the AI suggestion.

When you complete the bug, and AI generates the feedback, the AI will provide you a detailed feedback regarding the report itself. You can use this feedback to improve your report before submitting it.
Afterward, you will be able to submit a report for a final review by clicking on the Submit button.

Keep in mind that you will have the possibility to generate just 1 AI feedback per submission.

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