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In the recent platform update, we have integrated AI into the process of the bug report creation. Hopefully, this will improve your bug reports in terms of grammar, and clarity and also the AI will check if your bug report is written according to our quality standards.

How it works?

After you open the "Submit a bug" page, and write your report, you will have the possibility to check it with our AI. To do that you will need to click on the "AI Optimize" button which is located in the bottom action bar.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the "AI Optimize" button will be available in the action bar only if there are a minimum of 45 words in the bug report.

AI will start now generating suggestions, and after the process is complete you will receive the AI suggestions on the right side of your original report. If you would like to accept some AI suggestions you can click on the "Left arrow" button, which is located between the original bug report, and the AI Suggestion, and the text from the AI suggestion will be automatically transferred to the input field.

If you are satisfied with the changes, and you would like to submit the report, you can do that by clicking on the "Submit" button.

Also, if you are not satisfied with the AI suggestions, you can discard them, and go back to the original version of the report by clicking on the "Discard changes" button.

Besides this, we would also ask you to interact with the "Are these AI Suggestions helpful for you?" question which is located in the bottom action bar, and select "Like" if you had a positive experience with AI suggestions, or to select the "Dislike" if you are not satisfied with the AI suggestion, this will help our AI to improve for the future.

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