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Let me introduce: Community Manager Sergii
Let me introduce: Community Manager Sergii

Interview with Community Manager Sergii

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Community Manager Sergii

Please tell us about yourself

Hello, my name is Sergii, I am from Ukraine, Kyiv. About my education – I am a lawyer, but for the last 10 years I have worked in the IT industry in different QA positions. I started my IT career at the game dev company. My hobbies are 3d modeling and 3d sculpting. Also, I like reading books and traveling so I try to spend my free time with these activities. I don’t have a favorite food but I like Asian food and grilled stakes. My favorite book is Witcher, about movies I couldn’t say that I have a favorite .

We know that you are our community manager. What are your daily tasks?

My daily tasks are: engaging and retaining our existing testers, reactivating inactive testers and working on strategically growing communities at Test IO. So my main activities are to grow our community and attract new testers in different locations.

You were one of the organizers of the Testing Cup. Please tell us about your impressions.

It was very funny but at the same time, it was quite difficult. I’ve never taken part in such activities before. Sometimes before you want to do something you need to decide how it could be done.

If you could only have five things, what would you choose?

Smartphone, laptop, ebook, knife and passport.

Ideal rest should be passive or active? What is the perfect vacation for you?

It should depend on the mood. Sometimes you need to chill somewhere on the beach and do nothing, sometimes you need to climb the mountain or ride the bicycle, so for me, it depends on the situation and my mood. I like snowboarding and diving, lying on the beach and jumping with parachutes, traveling by car to other countries, and many other types of vacations.

What helps you get rid of stress?

I’m a very calm person, so I don’t know how to rid of stress because I don’t have it, maybe reading could help.

How can you describe yourself in several words?

Very positive and friendly.

What superpower would you like to have?

A force that could stop all wars in the world.

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