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Let me introduce: Team Leader Alexander
Let me introduce: Team Leader Alexander

Interview with Team Leader Alexander

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Team Leader Alexander

Hello, Alex. Tell us a few words about yourself? What do you do for fun?

Hi guys! My name is Alex and I’m from Ukraine. Besides software testing I like watching movies, reading books, ride my bicycle, hiking, and play video games.

How did your testing career start? Do you have any IT background?

I wasn’t an IT specialist in the past, my previous job was an electronic engineer and technician on industrial plants. One day I realised I want to learn and try something new, so software testing was my choice. After completing courses and reading books I discovered a way I can practice software testing from my home - crowd testing! Since than I’m a software tester. I have registered on Test IO in December 2015, so I’ve been a tester 7 years already.

What will TL Alexander be like? What do you think is the most important part of the TL job?

I want to be a fair TL, to every tester, also whiling to help. In my opinion the most important part of TL job is to be sure customers receive high-quality bug reports and at the same time testers in a team should be motivated to dig deeper and explore new bugs in a software.

What advice would you give to the testers who would like to achieve the same results as you?

Just keep testing and learn, I know it can be hard and frustrating when your bug reports are rejected. It shouldn’t be a reason for you to stop testing!

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