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Test IO Referral Program

With the Test IO referral program, you can invite your friends to join our platform, collect referral points & exchange them for money and other exclusive Test IO rewards (coming soon).

How to collect referral points

You and the friend you’ve invited to join our platform will automatically receive referral points for the successful completion of various milestones of their journey on Test IO.

More precisely, you will receive referral points for the following steps of your friend’s journey on our platform:

  • Your friend passes the Exploratory Testing course - 20 points

  • Your friend submits their 1st approved bug - 30 points

  • Your friend submits their 5th approved bug - 50 points

  • Your friend remains active for 6 months - 50 points

Your friend will receive the following points after they:

  • submit their 5th approved bug - 50 points

  • remain active for 6 months - 50 points

You will also receive our Test IO exclusive referral badge for each of these events (learn more here).

Important: Make sure that the friend you are inviting to join our platform is signing up via your personal referral link (you can find it here).

How to redeem referral points

After you’ve collected enough points, you can exchange them for available rewards that can include money vouchers or other exclusive gifts.

To redeem your referral points, simply select one of the available rewards and click on the “Redeem points” button. If you are redeeming a money reward, the amount will be added to the bill for the ongoing month (learn how to request your bill here).

Please keep in mind that some of the rewards can be locked for you at first. Here is a list of the currently available rewards:

  • 11 US Dollars - 100 points

  • 5.5 US Dollar voucher (this reward will be unlocked to you after you've redeemed the 10 US Dollar voucher at least once) - 50 points

📢 We will also be introducing more exciting rewards to the program, so stay tuned!

Referral Page

You can access your referral page from the top navigation bar of your tester interface.

On the referral page you can:

  • Learn more about how our referral program works

  • Find your personal referral link and share it with your friends via Email

  • Keep track of your available and redeemed referral points

  • Redeem your points for available rewards

  • Keep an eye on the progress of your referred friends

  • Learn who our best referrers are. The ranking is based on the number of referral badges

Refer the most friends and get featured in our Test IO “Best Referrers” Ranking!

Who to refer

The most important thing here is to understand who might be interested in joining the platform. Look at yourself first. What brought you to the platform? Why have you chosen us? How old are you? What are your values? What are your interests? Asking yourself questions like these can create an image of a person who might use your referral link effectively.

Psychologists proved that we usually communicate with people like us, at least in something. You may know them personally or find them on the Internet, for example, on your social media. So just take a look around: There are definitely people that might be interested in earning additional money without initial deep knowledge. People are more likely to do something if everyone else is doing it.

Where to refer

The simplest way and sometimes the most effective one is to post on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.).
You can just share a link with a short description of the platform, its benefits, advantages, and your experience. Reposting it from time to time will help as well. The more loyal followers you have, the easier it is to attract more people.

You can also add your link to the social media profiles. People are more inclined to pay attention just because they know you are registered on our platform.

There is one more way to use your social media accounts to promote your referral link. Tell your story – sincerely, openly, and with as many details as possible. It may be one post or a whole series of posts. You may describe just your experience with our platform, or you may share your knowledge and prove your expertise.

Professional groups and forums or groups of interest might help with referrals as well. While communicating with other people you can mention that you work with our platform and recommend it by providing your referral link.

In some cases, sending a promotional email to people you know might be a good solution. But you should keep in mind that this will work only if people trust you and won’t perceive it as a scam.

In addition, you may go offline, of course. A simple talk to people you know, visiting universities or colleges, and lectures in professional societies are quite effective ways to get your referral link work more.

No matter which way you choose, always remember that some people get involved more easily, some do not. Always bear in mind who might be interested in becoming a tester.

How to refer effectively

  • Be proactive
    People are equally interested in knowing others’ preferences and sharing their own choices. Talk about your work, its advantages, about the platform, and inspire people with your own example.

  • Establish trust
    If you are open, honest, respectful, and keep your word, people trust you and your opinion. So, when they need your advice, they will come to you.

  • Be specific
    Promote only those things that are close to you from your own experience or that you are sure about.

  • Ask for action
    Just sharing a link is not enough. Don’t be shy to ask to join the platform with you, otherwise, most people will simply read the information and do nothing.

  • Follow up on the referral
    If you know people who joined the platform through your link, you can help them to get approved and find their first bugs by sharing additional educational resources, paying attention to the most useful articles in our Academy, or inviting them to our Discord Community.

As you see, referring people to our platform is not so difficult if you follow a certain routine, do it regularly, and are open to using different opportunities.

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