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Where do I go if I need help?

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Your best resource for everything about Test IO is the Tester Academy. Here, you will find information on everything from submitting bug reports, to test types, to how to update your payment information.

If your question is not covered by our material, use our FAQ articles:

If you want to contact us, please reach out to the right person to prevent any delays. The below sections cover several options:

Support chat (Intercom)

You couldn’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ section? Our support team is happy to help you with general issues and questions about our platform! They will usually answer your request within 24 hours.

You can contact the support by clicking on the circular button in the bottom right corner of the screen after being logged in to your tester account.

Test chat

In tests, you can communicate with other testers and the team leader via chat. Please use it if you have questions related to this particular test and its instructions during its runtime. Chat messages are not visible to our customers.

The test chat can be found at the top after entering the test.

Note: We advise our team leaders to be available at least 30 minutes after the test started and 1-2 hours towards the end of the test runtime.

Bug report comments

You can leave bug-related comments for the customer or team leader right in the bug report view below your bug report information. Please stay professional at all times. Comments are visible to our customers.

The team leader and customer will leave comments as well if they request more information from you or inform you about a severity change or rejection.

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