Bug Status

You get paid for customer accepted bugs. To get there the bug need to pass through some statuses.

After you filed the bug, the status will be:

Now the team leader has to review the bug.
If the team leader has further questions, the bug status will change to:

Once in Inquiry state you have 18h to edit the bug and add the requested informations, otherwise the bug will be rejected.

If you now edit the bug the status will go back to submitted and the team leader can accept the bug.

After the team leader accepted the bug the status will be:
Submitted (since it is submitted to the customer)

Customers can also ask for more informations.
The status will then also be inquiry.

When the customer accepts the bug the status will change to:

If a Bug is not accepted by the team leader or the customer it’s status will be:


Bonus For Customer Rejected Bugs

If a bug is rejected by the customer for the following reasons you will automatically get paid a bonus:
Rejected – this bug is not relevant to the customer and will not be fixed.
Rejected – this is a legit bug but already known.


We will introduce new bug statuses in the future the separate the different steps better.


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