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Shout-out to trauhayan | Mentors and Suggestions tab... what? | Reminder of the Week: Reproductions

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The Importance of Keywords in Bug Report Titles

A bug report title is the face of your report! It's the information everyone sees and is sometimes the only one depending on the urgency of the matter or the workflow on the devs’ side.

Since this is the case, your bug report titles need to shine and the best way to do it is by answering the three questions every title must be answered regarding the ❝where❞, ❝what❞ and ❝when❞ of the bug.

To convey such a title, the essential information matters, which is easily attainable by using keywords that help answer the three questions and offer more information on identifying the bug.

Take, for instance, this bug report title detail that TL Khoa wanted to share because ❝By providing this information, testers contribute to a more thorough review and better understanding of the reported issue. We appreciate the testers' attention to detail and their effort to convey the device mode accurately, as it helps us ensure the quality and functionality of our product.❞

This example was a report submitted by our fellow tester trauhayan:

Bug report by tester trauhayan.

Note that the title answers the three questions and adds the device’s orientation, which can help identify the issue and its relevance. The rest of the report is also excellent; great job, trauhayan!

TIP: To improve your title writing, try answering the question from ❝where❞, ❝what❞, and finally, ❝when❞.

Mentors and the Suggestion tab on bug reports

Our mentoring program, which began in 2022, offers the opportunity to learn about manual exploratory testing and enhance your testing skills on the go because experienced testers guide you through the process.

These colleagues are fellow testers who also participate in our training test cycles. They are readily available to address any inquiries via Chat and provide feedback on the Suggestion tab of your bug reports.

Have you checked out their feedback? Are you familiar with the ❝Suggestions❞ tab on your bug reports or how to leave feedback on other testers’ bug reports?

No fear; this is how it works!

Here is a bug report page where you can leave a suggestion on your fellow tester bug report:

This is the place where you can receive recommendations on your bug reports from other testers and mentors, and sometimes even from TLs!

To know more about this feature, visit our Academy article: ❝Bug Improvement Suggestions❞.

ADVICE: If you’re new to the platform or don’t have much experience with testing, observing the work of others and offering constructive feedback can be a valuable learning experience. It’s a great way to improve your skills. So, if you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them!

Reminder of the week!

Creating reproductions can be enjoyable and a simple way to earn income from testing quickly. However, it's important to recognise the impact of incorrect execution.

This week, it is important to be mindful of the length of the screencast when submitting reproductions as it is one of the most common mistakes made during execution.

Just a quick reminder about the rules for attaching bug report reproduction files:

TIP: when recording your reproduction videos, make sure to only include the last step and whether or not the bug occurred. Additionally, don’t forget to upload any crash log files when reproducing crashes.

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