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Additional Testing Content from our Discord Server: ❝Test IO Community❞
Additional Testing Content from our Discord Server: ❝Test IO Community❞

In this article, you’ll get access to additional content on our Discord server to improve your testing skills and be more productive.

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"The additional learning material for our testers is easily available on our Discord server."


In this article, you'll discover additional content from our Discord server to improve your testing skills and be more productive once you've read and understood all Academy articles in our Getting Started collection.

We know that getting the hands-on testing takes time and additional personal effort, so to help you build a solid testing foundation, we've selected the best Discord posts written by our Education Team to show you everything from best practices from do's and don'ts to tutorials, for both mobile and desktop devices, and even streaming testing.

Posts About Testing

  • After some testing, you may want to start trying new paths while testing; here are some excellent ideas: Where to look for bugs on an app if you run out of ideas.

  • User Stories are easy to execute and provide much information about a product's design. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes while executing them, User Stories… mind the length of screencasts!

  • Reproductions are a quick start for testing with Test IO. They give you an idea of bugs and how testers do the job in just 15 seconds or less; however, there are many ways to get them wrong. Learn how to execute them with the post, Bug Reproductions survival tips.

  • The scope of a test is a critical part of successful testing! Get to know everything about it and not step outside of it with the post, The Scope, and to know how to stay within, you can read: How To Stay Within a Scope of the Test?

  • One of the most important features to understand is Navigation. In this article, you'll find a description and a PDF with examples of how this feature is presented on desktop and mobile devices according to different designs, Glossary: Navigation.

  • You are new to the platform and got a request from the Team Leader; now, what do you do? This post is a survival guide to attend thoroughly to any request, Deal With TL's Request Like A Pro.

  • If you are new to working from home, this is your post, How to work from home – a survival guide.

  • If you haven't heard about performance testing, here is the best post to start with: Performance tests 1 on 1.

Post About Functional, Visual and Content Bugs

Posts About Reporting

Posts About Streaming Testing

Now you've all the possible knowledge you might need to keep improving your testing and building up your career with Test IO directly from our Discord server; as you can see, it's more than just a server… it is a Community.

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