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How do your Quality and Reliability Scores impact the number of invitations you get?

Once you pass the Onboarding process and become an approved tester, you will start getting invitations for tests based on your Device list: for Greenhorn tests and for the customer tests. As time progresses, gained knowledge and active participation in tests will allow you to achieve higher Quality and Reliability scores.

Proving yourself as a good and reliable tester will grant you a place in our special tests with an increased payout and the team of our best testers. For some tests, we invite testers only with Quality and Reliability above 60%. For tests where we want to impress our customers, we invite only testers whose Quality and Reliability are above 75% (in some cases we even target only those above 80% of Quality and Reliability as per customers' request).

How do your devices impact the number of invitations you get?

You have probably noticed that the more devices you add to your tester profile, the more test invitations you see on your tester dashboard. In some cases, this might not be true, however. If you have an old device with outdated software, the chances are high that you will rarely get an invitation to test with it. Over time, our customers update their default device lists to include the most relevant and popular device configurations on the market.

Don't limit your testing by installing only 2 or 3 browsers on the devices you use for testing. The more browsers you install, the higher the chances are that the customer will be interested in the specific device configuration. You can edit your device and add more browsers to your tester profile. Once you update the list of devices with all devices and browsers you have, you could get more test invitations.

How do your location and languages influence the number of invitations you get?

As you probably know, our customers are distributed worldwide. Their specific requirements for testing sometimes include targeted locations. In this case, the specific device and location of a tester are what we take into account for test invitation distribution.

Note: It’s important to add all the languages you understand and speak to your tester profile to ensure you get all relevant invitations.

How do we invite testers who match all the criteria for a test?

Once the list of testers who match the criteria of the customer's request is generated, the system will invite testers into the test. The number of required testers directly influences the number of invitations the system will send. If the customer decides to use a certain segment of testers, it means that the invitation system takes over the logic and invites testers as per instruction. Only in special cases, will the Community Manager manually add testers to the test.

How do invitation waves work?

One hour before the test starts, the first wave of test invitations is launched. The invitation waves will continue until all the seats for the requested devices are claimed. If you don't get the invitation immediately, don't worry. The system will continue inviting testers until the desired number is reached.

Note: If you get a promotional email for the test and you still can't join the test after it started, it means that all seats were already taken by other invited testers who were faster.

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