Which devices do I need to test?

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Adding your devices

Test setups specify which devices, operating systems, and browsers a customer wants to have their website or app tested on. In order to match requested devices with you, please add the devices you possess to your tester profile to start receiving test invitations for them. 

Only add devices that meet the following requirements:

  • It is your physical device. Emulators, virtual devices, and VMs are not allowed.

  • It is not rooted or modified in any way.

  • It is always available to you.

If you want to add a device but cannot select it, send us a request via the support chat and we will check if we can add it to our database. We will only add devices that are relevant for our customers.

NOTE: You are not allowed to add your device with incorrect manufacturer, model, or OS version information.


When you use a browser during testing, your browser version must be up-to-date if not requested otherwise. By default, your browser will update itself automatically, so please leave that setting turned on.

We also recommend installing the newest available OS updates for your mobile devices.

Purchasing new devices

If you contemplate buying a new device or installing another OS or browser, it’s interesting to know which ones will get you the most invitations. In general, customers often ask for more recent devices, operating systems, and browser versions.

We can share some statistics about the distribution of tests and the ranking of the most common test environments on our platform in 2021:

Although you are able to add certain environments in your profile, some are uncommon, discontinued, or outdated and may only be used for testing if specifically listed in the environments section of the test overview page. These are for example:

  • Opera Mini

  • Safari for Windows

  • Internet Explorer 10 and older

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