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What is an Information Request

Sometimes, no matter how descriptive you are when writing a bug report, TL or the customer might be unable to reproduce the issue on their side or they need additional information to understand the issue in depth. In such cases, they will send an Information Request.

What to do when you receive an Information Request

When you receive an Information Request from TL or the customer, visit the bug report, read the information request and understand what kind of additional information is requested. Do your best to understand it. If you find it unclear or difficult to understand, you can always contact your TL using the test cycle chat or using Discord DM and ask for more details.

Bear in mind that:

  • You have 24 hours to respond to the Information request.

  • You should provide only the requested information.

  • You shouldn't submit a comment after you update the bug report because TL will get the notification from the system. There is no point in pushing more notifications for the same ticket.

  • Use the same device to reproduce the bug as you did with the original bug report attachment(s).

  • If you are requested to record the bug with an external camera, make sure that your movements are easily visible and that the attachment follows the general rules about bug report attachments.

  • If you are no longer able to reproduce the bug, leave a comment under your bug report for your TL or the customer. It is better to inform them about it than to wait until the time runs out.

  • Never leave comments like "OK. I'll do it later." because you might end up with a warning.

  • Never leave inappropriate comments. Be professional.

Information Request status

Once you get an Information Request, your bug report will have a status Request by Test IO or a Request by customer. When you respond to the request, the status of the bug report changes into Awaiting review. The status will change again once TL forwards the bug to the customer. Afterward, the bug report is handled as any other bug report.

Note: The TL will decide if comments under the bug report should be deleted or not when forwarding the bug to the customer. If you notice that they disappeared under your bug report, know that TL deleted them because they are irrelevant to the customer or they were not appropriate to show to the customer.

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