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Learn about our roles and points of contact for support

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In this article, you will get to know our Community team members and their responsibilities. It's always good to know who can help with what.

The Community team is split into three sub-teams:

To contact any of us, please reach out via Tester Support! Just click on the bubble icon in the bottom right and shoot us a message.

Community Managers

Markus Naumann – Head of Community

Markus is responsible for:

  • Leading and managing the Community team

  • Strategic development of Community capabilities

  • Implementation and optimization of related processes

Community Operations team

The Community Operations team handles the day-to-day business. This includes handling your questions and requests, resolving issues on the platform, managing our TL crowd and providing educational opportunities.

Olha Shpytalna – Operations Team Lead and Head of TLs

Olha is responsible for:

  • Leading the Community Operations team

  • Leading the TL team

  • Engagements of TLs

  • Onboarding, education, and alignment of TLs

Zorica Micanovic – Head of Tester Education

Zorica is responsible for:

  • Educational material and initiatives, such as Tester Academy and onboarding courses

  • Educational initiatives, such as trainings, webinars, and mentoring programs

Sviatoslav Vozgrin – Head of Tester Support and Compliance Team

Sviatoslav is responsible for:

  • Leading the Tester Support and the Compliance teams

  • The driving force for better tester support

  • Scam protection and pursuit

Community Delivery team

The Community Delivery team works hard to give you additional testing opportunities, is always looking for new talents, and executes all projects on the platform.

Ramil Milzidinov – Staffing Coordinator

Ramil is responsible for:

Zorica Micanovic – Scout

Zorica is responsible for:

  • Scouting – Finding fitting testers for customer requests

Tetiana Yezerska – Staffing Specialist

Tetiana is responsible for:

  • Processing tester supply requests

  • Making analyses of our tester availability

Kseniia Pitel – Community Project Coordinator

Kseniia is responsible for:

  • Developing our project business from Community perspective

  • Creating capabilities for new testing types

  • Finding fitting project participants

  • Coordinating testers within projects

Community Building team

The Community Building team focuses on growing and engaging our tester community, which also helps to find good testers like you to participate in customer tests and projects!

Irina Lebedzeva – Discord Community Building Manager

Irina is responsible for:

  • Strategic development of our active Discord community

  • Managing our Discord server

  • Leading the Discord server team

  • All Discord activities to engage, entertain, and retain testers

  • Connecting our community beyond Test IO

Sergii Sakhnenko – Community Building Manager

Sergii is responsible for:

  • Strategically growing communities at Test IO

  • Engaging and retaining our existing testers

  • Reactivating inactive testers

Dzianis Sulauka – Automation Community Manager

Dzianis is responsible for:

  • Building and maintaining a community of Automation Testers

  • Coordinating the Automation Tester community

  • Building Community capabilities for future Test IO engagements

Support Team

Our support team is your first point of contact always there for you. You have a question, request, or feedback? Click on the chat bubble in the bottom right to get in touch with them!

Ivan Somkin – Support Agent

Ivan is responsible for:

  • Providing support to testers for various issues

  • Communicating with the right team members for problem resolution

  • Answering any tester question

  • Helping hand to Sviatoslav

Miguel Merlin – Support Agent

Miguel is responsible for:

  • Providing support to testers for various issues

  • Communicating with the right team members for problem resolution

  • Answering any tester question

  • Helping hand to Sviatoslav

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