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Test Cycle Chat Announcements and Mentions
Test Cycle Chat Announcements and Mentions

Quickly learn about the new feature release: Test Cycle Announcements

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In the ever-evolving landscape of software testing, effective communication among testers, Customer Success Managers (CSMs), and Team Leaders (TLs) is vital to ensure seamless test execution and prompt issue resolution. We are pleased to introduce the new "Test Cycle Announcement" feature to foster a collaborative testing workspace.

Test Cycle Announcement feature explained

The Test Cycle Announcement feature empowers testers, CSMs, and TLs to communicate in real-time during test cycles via the test cycle chat. Should testers encounter any queries related to specific tests or their instructions while in progress, they can use the chat feature for prompt assistance.

Recent advancements in our platform have led to the implementation of the Announcement feature, allowing CSMs and TLs to disseminate essential information and updates effectively.

How does it work?

When an announcement is made within a test cycle that a tester has accepted, a notification will be instantaneously pushed through the test cycle Chat and displayed in the Notification center on the tester's Dashboard. This ensures that testers stay well-informed about crucial developments throughout the testing process.

In the interest of inclusivity, testers who join a test cycle after an announcement has been published will receive the notification exclusively through the test cycle chat. This guarantees that all testers are equally informed, regardless of when they became part of the testing effort.

To access the new Test Cycle Announcement feature, testers need to go to the Chat section of a test cycle or click the link in the email or notification. The announcements will be displayed at the top of the list, even if more Chat messages or Announcements are present.

The testNow app users will see the Announcements as a normal Chat message.

Note: It is important to note that chat messages exchanged within the test cycle chat are kept strictly internal, maintaining the confidentiality of communication between testing stakeholders and shielding our customers from any sensitive discussions.

In conclusion, the Test Cycle Announcement feature is a testament to our commitment to creating an environment that promotes effective collaboration, streamlined communication, and efficient problem-solving during manual exploratory testing.

This feature allows testers, CSMs, and TLs to collaborate effortlessly to deliver top-quality testing services that exceed customer expectations. You can use the Test Cycle Announcement feature today and unlock the potential of unparalleled teamwork and success in your testing endeavors.

Chat @mentions

In the recent platform update, we enabled our Team Leaders and CSMs to tag the corresponding tester via the @ symbol, and also we allowed our testers to tag a Team Leader. This will ensure that the right person receives a message, and it will greatly reduce delays and improve response time.

How does it work?

If you need to tag a Team Leader, you can use @teamleader, @Tl, @tL @TL, or @tl
Example: Hello @teamleader, can you please clarify that Low bugs are out of scope?

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