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Usability Testing

How is usability getting tested on test IO?

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Usability testing comes in two different ways. They are explained in the following article.

Usability in exploratory tests

Some exploratory tests ask you to submit usability suggestions. If that's the case, you can report suggested improvements or unexpected behavior (see our article Usability Suggestions for more information). For usability suggestions, the payout will be lower than for functional bug reports.

Usability in usability tests

From time to time, there are also special usability tests. The setups will differ from test to test but three key elements or a combination of them are usually present:

  • “Thinking out loud” videos: Testers have to verbalize feedback that comes to their mind and/or answer given questions out loud.

  • Surveys: Testers have to visit an external website and fill out a survey including questions related to the customer's product.

  • Usability report: Testers have to submit a usability report and answer specific questions in written form.

The payout depends on the project and the estimated effort for you, but it is usually higher than for regular tests. Only our best testers are invited to such tests. To become one, submit well-documented and legitimate bug reports, bump up your quality and reliability scores, and follow all of our test IO rules.

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