With Session Reports we want to get closer to a format called Session-Based testing, a format developed by James Bach.

A Session Report marks the end of your testing session and you will be asked to fill out a text field. The Session Report should be an answer to the given question that you will see on the test overview page.

When Session Reports are configured for the test, you will see an additional button in the action bar at the bottom of the test overview page.

โ—Careful: Filing a session report signals the end of your testing session. This means you will not be able to submit further bug reports after filing your Session Report. That is why you should only submit a Session Report after you've reported all the bugs you've found in the test.

In the Session Report form, please fill in the text field by answering the given question - include all relevant details but try to be as precise as possible as there is a character limit. A possible question for the Session Report could be:
What did you think about the User Experience?

After filling in the text field of your Session Report, please click the 'Submit and finish testing' button to submit your Session Report.

You can also save it as a draft and come back to editing your Session report and submitting it at any point while the test is still running. Note that as soon as the test ends, you won't be able to submit a Session Report anymore.

Your payout for filing a valid Session Report will be 0,2โ‚ฌ. You will see it in your tester account once the test gets archived.

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