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Test Session – Summary

Quickly learn the basics of the Test Session Testing

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"You need to activate the Test Session in the test cycle to be able to submit bugs, reproductions, User Stories and Test Cases."


The Test Session represents a feature designed to gather more feedback about the time tester spends on testing the product and the tester's usual behavior during the test.

How to start the Test Session

The Test Session feature is located at the top of the test cycle Overview page. Once the test starts you need to activate the Test Session to be able to submit bugs, reproductions, User Stories and Test Cases.

There are two ways to activate the Test Session:

  1. by clicking on the red ON/OFF button or

  2. by clicking on the Start Session button

After clicking on one of the mentioned buttons, a popup window will show up and you need to select the time you think you need to test the product. The minimum time you can select is 20 minutes and the maximum is 4 hours. You can always extend the time of the Test Session if the test is still running or start a new session if you already ended one.

How to end the Test Session

When you are done with testing, or you want to make a pause so you can focus on another test cycle, you need to stop the Test Session by clicking on the ON/OFF button.

After that, a popup window End Test Session will show up. In the What and how did you test field add as much information as possible. Even though this is an optional field, it would be very useful for us if you provide all the relevant information. When you enter the information in the mentioned field, click on the Submit and end session button. You can find more about the Test Session feature on this link.

Remember: Only one Test Session can be active at a time.

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