Bug reports can only be submitted in tests. You are only able to submit reports if the following requirements are met:

  • You accepted the test invitation.
  • The test is currently running.

How to submit a bug report

To submit a report after the test started, proceed as follows:

  • Go to the bottom of the test overview page. Here you will see "Features".
  • Click on the Show Instructions button of the feature that you want to submit a bug for. An overlay displaying the feature description will pop up.
  • Confirm it by clicking the Got it! button. The overlay will close and you will now see a Submit button.
  • Click on the Submit button. The bug form will open.
  • Select the type of bug that you want to submit via the corresponding dropdown menu.

Now you can fill out the bug report form as described in our article Bug Report Requirements and submit it.

Note that you can only submit reports for features that you read and confirmed via the "Got it!" button. This requirement ensures that you read what the feature is about, so that you select the right feature and only submit reports that are in scope of this test.

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