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Quickly learn what are the single tasks and how to participate in such activity.

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Our newest feature, Single Tasks, offers customers the ability to request specific tasks from our testing team. These tasks encompass a variety of activities, including placing orders using issued credit cards, reviewing or creating Test Cases, etc.

Task Notification and Access

Testers will receive notifications for available Single Tasks via email. Additionally, they can access these tasks directly through their Dashboards.

Enabling the Notification for Single Tasks

Testers need to enable the Notification for Single Tasks in the Settings section of their profile. After navigating to the Notification tab, the tester needs to toggle the Notifications for Web App and testNow App. Furthermore, by selecting the Immediately in the Email Notification will ensure that the tester will receive the email as soon as a new Single Task is available.

Task Initiation

Upon opening a task, the tester will encounter a brief description of the task and the offered reward for successful completion. At this stage, the tester has the option to either accept or reject the task.

Task Instructions

Once the tester clicks the Start button, detailed instructions for the task become visible. The tester is required to follow these instructions, providing a result and a screenshot as evidence of completion.

Task Completion

After successfully performing all the required steps, the tester can mark the task as Done by clicking the respective button.

Inability to Proceed:

Should the tester encounter any difficulties in executing the task, there's an option to indicate this by selecting Can't proceed and adding relevant comments. In the Comment field, the tester needs to describe which steps were taken and what is the blocker.

Task Submission:

To finalize the task and submit their work, the tester needs to press the Submit button.

Review Process

All completed Single Task executions will undergo a comprehensive review by the Team Leader (TL).

The Single Task Status

There are 3 statuses of the Single Task:

  • New

  • Started

  • Accepted

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