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Privacy in Attachments: Bug Reports, User Stories, and More | Content Scope and Environments | User Stories Documentation Reminder.

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Information Disclosure on Attachments?

As Greenhorn testers, it's crucial to quickly learn the basics while prioritising privacy to prevent any accidental disclosure of Test IO customer data via attachments.

Avoid common mistakes by setting up your workstation with our guide ❝Setting Up Your Workstation❞.

ADVICE: Pause the device notifications while testing to avoid getting them in the middle of creating an attachment.

Content bugs

So, content bugs! At Test IO, content bugs are website or app content issues, such as text, images, links, buttons, etc.

However, spelling problems are always out of scope. For staging environments, not even the absence of content is a bug since they usually use dummy texts or incomplete information since what matters is that functionalities work.

Suppose you don't know what placeholder images are or how to identify missing images, no fear. Our article on content bugs clearly shows it with examples in the section ❝Understanding Broken Images and Placeholder Images: A Guide for New Testers❞.

CHECK YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Are placeholder images used intentionally? (Click on the link to find the answer).

The reminder of the week

User Story execution can only be documented with one screencast of no longer than 15 seconds, including the date.

ADVICE: There is always room for improvement, so get better at executing User Stories, reviewing good and bad examples in our article ❝User Stories - More Good and Bad Examples❞.

The Event of the Year

Do you know what month it is? It's Test IO Testing Cup Month!

In case you have yet to hear, Test IO holds a yearly competition among all testers that compete for prestige, quick skill development, teamwork and prizes!

If you're interested in what happened last year, we have it covered here.

And if you want to know why this is such a cool event, listen to our podcast episode: ❝The Ultimate Testing Cup Guide: Preparing for 2023's Epic Showdown❞.

Head to our Discord channel #testing-cup-2023 to learn more about the current event.

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