User Story Review & Payout

In this article, you will learn how User Story executions are reviewed, the most common rejection reasons and how User Stories are paid.

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Your User Story executions will be reviewed by the Team Leader who can either approve or reject them. You will see the status of your reviewed User Stories on the test overview page.

Note that if a high percentage of your executions get rejected by Team Leaders, you can be excluded from testing User Stories on the Test IO platform.

Here’s a list of the most common User Story rejection reasons:

  • The execution is incorrect

  • The wrong device has been used

  • The wrong screenshot/screencast has been attached or it has been used for a different User Story execution before

  • The screenshot/screencast doesn’t show the URL and the date

  • The comment is insufficient and does not provide relevant details (more details here)

  • The screencast attached is longer than 15 seconds (more details here)

  • The screenshot/screencast can't be opened in any regular browser (usually because of the codec used while capturing/editing the attachment)

  • The User story can’t be executed due to technical or other reasons, but you've submitted it as “Works”.

The payout you receive for each executed User Story is displayed in the test details of each test.

Your User Story payout will be credited to your tester account once the test gets archived (up to 10 days after the test end).

Note: If your User Story execution doesn't get reviewed by TL, it is still going to be credited to your tester account after the test gets archived.

Note: Each User Story execution will be evaluated by our Compliance team. Irrelevant comments (not related to the selected User Story) in the How Did You Test field might lead to warnings or even a ban from our platform.

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