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Let me introduce: Product Manager Anna
Let me introduce: Product Manager Anna

Interview with Product Manager Anna

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Product Manager Anna

Hello, Anna! Please tell us about yourself.

Hello Test IO, My name is Anna, and I am a Product Manager here in Test IO Community.
I am originally and locationally from Georgia, Tbilisi. I hope, you all know where it is, if not, don’t hesitate to google it. Before joining EPAM, I spent more than 6 years in product development and management field in JSC TBC BANK, which is the biggest commercial bank in Georgia, listed on the London Stock Exchange. I am a mother of two amazing children, Mariam and Niko. I cherish spending my free time with them, watching cartoons, walking and playing in the garden.
During the free time, dedicated to me, I read books, maybe you are wondering what I have read recently. I have enjoyed „Hooked“ by Nir Eyal, but still my favorite one is "Delivering Happiness" by Tony Hsieh. I should confess that I do love watching TV series, although I need to prepare psychologically for sleepless nights, because I cannot quit until it is over, then I rest 2-3 months. Some fun facts about me: You will always find me humming songs most of the time as I love music, even though I am just a bathroom singer! Cooking is something I enjoy doing – you will probably see me dancing while I am cooking. :) I do love playing board games and I also must admit that I hate losing more than winning.

What new things await us on the platform in the near future?

As you know our product team has grown twice in size in 2022, so more exciting and passionate product updates are awaited in 2023. Making Test IO platform extensible will be the main goal of the company, which makes it possible to offer more specialized testing services to more enterprise customers, which means different type custom based testing services for testers as well. I am also involved to make the payment process of testers even more seamless and consistent, and make better earning experience for them.

Please, describe your character in five different words.

Not so easy, but let me try… I would describe myself as reliable, hardworking, ambitious, extremely curious and I don’t know how to write in one word, I am a person who never dreams, I just set goals and do everything to achieve them.

If you were to write a book, what title would you give it?

Hmm, I have never thought about writing a book, may be best age for it has not come yet.

What must every person do at least once in their life?

I think, every person should try once what they are afraid of. Not to have just theoretical fear. In my case, it is skydiving.

What is your ideal vacation?

I hardly remember that I did not enjoy any vacation. Beloved people and the atmosphere around me always make my vacation ideal.

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