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Let me introduce: Development Team Lead Fabien
Let me introduce: Development Team Lead Fabien

Interview with Development Team Lead Fabien

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Development TL Fabien

Hello, Fabien! As we know you worked as a software engineer for the last 10 years. Why did you choose this career path?

So I choose to work as a software engineer, because I love to cooperate with people and solve problems. And so far these two wishes have been fulfilled.

You have an interesting story about how you started at Test IO. Would you like to share it with us?

Yes I went into the job interview with no intention of taking the job. I went to this job interview as a favor to my former employer. The deal was to work 4 days in Test IO and 1 day at my previous job since they had nobody else. And I met Jan, and not only he changed my mind about taking the job but also he got me really looking forward to it. And I am glad he did.

Could you please tell us a bit about your current job and responsibilities?

Currently I make sure that the core platform delivers new features as well as being maintainable, also making sure the team of engineers grow and improve. In short, I manage engineer, I write code and I make sure we make promises to product managers that we can keep.

What do you like about working at Test IO? What is the most interesting project you've worked on?

First and foremost the people and the ambiance. People I work with are always solution-oriented and kind. Technically it is super interesting to dive again and again into problems you solved but now you need to solve them in a way that scales your current load. You also witness the weight of your past choices.

The most interesting project? That is a very good question. There are so many to choose from. Sometimes it is an optimization to better scale. Sometimes it is a new feature. Most recently I have been working on "localizing" space and integrating it with test IO. This one is very dear to me because it might allow me to introduce French as a language to our ecosystem because that's the language that my mum taught me. Also, I found working in different languages very exciting and fun, so allowing people to work in more languages is valuable to me.

We know that you do MMA professionally. What brought you to MMA?

I have only been fighting in MMA with amateur rules, some of my fights can be found on the internet. But I have been doing Judo since I was 7 years old, and I had no interest in any sport that involved football, basketball, or tennis ball. I like fighting as a sport. You learn valuable things, respect, trust in yourself, and humility (More often than not you are the one that gets beat up, so knowing you are vulnerable is a valuable lesson) Now a day I am more into Brazilian Jujitsu. But this is great fun and a very good opportunity to meet very kind people.

What other hobbies or activities do you have?

I have some very classic hobbies: I play video games (I compete in Super Smash Bros Ultimate). I do enjoy cooking, and I enjoy long walks on the beach (No I am kidding, I usually swim). I used to be crazy about photography. I am generally curious, so I am always looking for new things. But in short: Video Games, Fight and Food.

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