testNow is Test IO's app for crowd testers. It allows you to test the latest apps, websites, and games on the go. testNow is available both for iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

With testNow, you can earn money by:

  • participating in our exploratory tests and reporting the bugs you find

  • reproducing the bugs submitted by other testers

  • confirming bug fixes of previously submitted bugs

Main App Features include:

  • Sign in via QR code

  • Reproduce bugs

  • Confirm bug fixes

  • Explore available tests - join or reject

  • Get familiar with test instructions and bug lists

  • Start, stop & extend test sessions

  • Submit bugs through our AI-powered bug submission form

  • Edit & delete your bug reports

  • View & post bug comments

  • Communicate with other testers in a test chat

  • Use our smart filtering, sorting & search functionalities

  • Refer friends & get paid for it

  • Keep track of your testing scores and earnings

  • Get an overview of your ongoing tasks and requests

App Navigation

At the moment, the app has 4 main navigational sections:

  • Explore

Here's where you can find an overview of all your available test invitations and tasks.

In the "Test Invitations" tab, you can see an overview of all your available test invitations and directly accept and reject invitations through a swipe. If you tap on the invitation card, you will see the test overview screen with detailed information about the test.

In the "Available Tasks" tab, you will find reproduction and Bug FiX Confirmation invitations that you can claim by accessing the detail screen and tapping on the "Start" button.

  • Dashboard

This is an overview of all your ongoing tasks and activities.

  • If you have an ongoing task session, (e.g. Test Session, Bug Fix Confirmation session, etc.), you will see this task card with the remaining time indicator at the top of the screen.

  • If you have any accepted test invitations, you will be able to access them through the middle section of the dashboard.

  • In the bottom section of the dashboard, you will see all unviewed bug report comments and information requests from customers and Team Leaders with the expiration time indicator. Reminder: if you don't answer an information request for your bug within 18 hours, it will be automatically rejected and therefore not paid.

  • Learn

Coming soon!

  • Me

In the "Me" tab, you will see an overview of your Quality and Reliability scores as well as your current earnings for the month.

In the "Invite Friends" section, you can find your personal referral link that you can share with friends and acquaintances and receive a bonus for their successful sign-up (if they submit at least 5 accepted bugs). You can also track the progress of how many referral bonuses you are eligible to receive.

As we are constantly updating our mobile apps testNow, improving the app performance, fixing bugs, and adding more and more features, we recommend enabling an automatic app update.

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