As you might have noticed, we value quality extremely highly, and as a result we have included a score so that you can track yours. It is comprised of the following elements:

Determining factors

Approval rate

If your bug reports are approved by the team leader, then you’re clearly providing high-quality bug reports and we want to acknowledge your work.


When your bug reports are rejected by the team leaders for being out of scope or because you have not followed the instructions, it is a sign that your testing has not accurately met the test specification. As a result, these types of rejections will reduce your quality score more than other rejection reasons, so be sure to read the instructions carefully.

Bug Likes

When you report valuable and high-quality bugs, you increase your chances of receiving Bug Likes from both Team Leaders and customers. Receiving Bug Likes will significantly boost your Quality score. In fact, high Quality scores above 90 are reserved for testers with Bug Likes!

How to increase your quality score

The following tips will help you improve your quality score and in turn your performance level:

  • Report bugs that accord to our rules to increase the chance of them being approved by our team leaders. Since every report we have to reject costs test IO money, you increase your value as a member of our team if you reduce these costs.

  • Read the test instruction carefully to ensure you only submit bugs that are in scope. If you are not sure about the scope, ask the team leader via the test chat.

It's not dramatic if individual bug reports get rejected. What matters is your performance over a longer period of time and regarding all of your submitted reports during that time frame.

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